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Annette Kaiser – Story Listeners Project

January 13th, 2016 | No Comments

As part of story listeners project, we invite people to share their favourite stories. Here Annette beautifully shares how our individual and collective story is being manifested right now, in this very moment.

Annette Kaiser

January 13th, 2016 | No Comments

In the path of love

Sakal Lok Ma Saune Vande

January 3rd, 2016 | No Comments

It’s been 100 years since Gandhi Ji founded Sabarmati Ashram in Ahmedabad. Today there are several schools in this vicinity who have kept alive the spirit of Gandhian Values. This short film takes us in a journey from Gandhi ji, Parikshit Bhai, Vinoba Bhave and Ishwar Bhai Patel and shares the values of prayers, kindness, […]

Giftival 2015

September 7th, 2015 | No Comments

Giftival Italia, a global gathering of celebration, inquiry, sharing, and practices of gift and gift cultures.

Surrender – Story Listeners Project

August 9th, 2015 | No Comments

“Everything happens for a reason. Nature always supports”. Surrender is a story centered around the theme of letting go to the eternal flow of life that knows how to guide us even in moments when we are not certain about the course it takes. Storyteller: Shannon O’Bryan

Dwarko Sundarani Ji – Life in Service (English)

July 25th, 2015 | No Comments

Dwarko Sundrani, one of the last active disciple of Mahatma Gandhi. Today at the Age of 92 , he runs an ashram in Bodhgaya, India Read More About him Filmmaker’s Journal Film Promo Contact: Samanvay Ashram, Bodh Gaya, Bihar, India.Phone: 91-80-84140221