Spirited Circles – Shammi Nanda

Sunday, January 20th, 2013
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A career in the media industry led Shammi to a journey in film-making for causes, bringing awareness in organic farming and the benefits of healthy eating. Over the years, he has touched the lives of several people with his insights and personal practices that he sees as ‘Being the Change’.
For the last few years though, he has spent time conducting workshops in Non-Violent Communication, all offered in the spirit of Gift Culture. In fact, he trusts that Gif-tiv-ism isn’t an ideal or a myth, but is the foundation on which society runs even today!

Here are a few words from him during the Giftivism Gathering, describing a few transformational moments in generosity in his life.

Contact Shammi : shammi_nanda@yahoo.com
More about Giftivism gatherings: www.movedbylove.org

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