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Apne AapMuskurati Roshni (Smiling light) -
A story of dreams, love and loss as an expecting mother eagerly awaits the birth of her first child.

A film by Apne Aap
Apne AapShama (Flame)-
This films narrates the problems faced by girls in Muslim families and how their dreams are strangled for the needs of the family.

A Film by Uncle's Coaching Classes
Apne AapNaaz (Pride) -
Based in Dharavi, Asia's largest stories, the film captures the trials and tribulations faced by the young girls who are desperate to break out of their cages.

A Film by LEARN Organisation
Apne AapMo'm Ki Gudiya( Doll of Wax)-
3 girls from educated Indian Middle Class Families faces costant discrimination from their parents.

A Film by Bombay Cambridge Gurukul.
Apne AapGauri Ki Kahani- (The Story of Gauri) - This film explores the dark world of flesh trade and how poor girls are tricked into this buisness.

A Film by Rescue Foundation.