‘Vinya’, a film project, consisting of several short films, exploring the essence of Vinoba through the people who lived with him and exploring the universal relevance of his thoughts which shines the light for the generations to come. Read more


I am the change film project 2007 – 2013

I am the change film project is a nationwide film competition where filmmakers and amateurs make Less than 5 minutes short film in 101 hours on an NGO/ social cause / everyday hero/ act of kindness. More than 1000 short films have been made in last few years and several organizations and educational institutions have used them for spreading awareness. The films had a premiere in Cinemax Theaters in Mumbai and then later screened in a film festival in IIM Ahmedabad with various other international festivals. Here’s the link to all the films online.

Please see the links below to see the websites of various years

Yes I am the change film project 2013

I Am The Change Film Project 2010

I Am The Change Film Project 2009

I Am The Change Film Project 2008

Genesis Film Project 2007

She Creates – 2007

Girl students of 10-15yrs from schools in Dharavi to International and public schools of Mumbai, come together to participate in a film workshop and make short films on women’s issues and female foeticide. Here’s the link to films made by children in ‘She Creates project’. More:

Seva Journals- 2008 

Seva Journal project serves non-profit organizations by making low cost but high quality short films to tell their stories. With the addition of this kind of powerful marketing tool, small to medium-sized non-profit organisations can more effectively raise funds, recruit volunteers and educate their local communities about their services. Here’s the link to all the films made via Seva Journals project. More:

Lok Darshan 2009:

Through ‘She Creates Film Project‘ in Mumbai where 15 year old girls became filmmakers to teach elders in the biggest slums of Ahmedabad, community based video unit has been a powerful experience for us in supporting local voices.Our team and volunteers organize film screenings in public spaces and create awareness on various social causes.