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Tuesday, August 14th, 2012
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Over more than seven years of consulting exclusively for improved cookstoves programs as a design engineer, Prakti founder Mouhsine Serrar witnessed the need for the integration of cookstove design, manufacturing, and distribution. Mouhsine envisioned a company that would bring together best-in-class engineering and transferrable production technology in order to distribute the most impactful improved cookstoves at affordable costs. He founded Prakti Design in 2008 in Pondicherry (Tamil Nadu State, India). In the first two years, five stoves were developed and the production technology was assessed. Field results and the first sales showed evidence of the complexity of stoves distribution and the need of a strong implication from designers and manufacturers. Prakti Design has from then on been more and more involved in stove dissemination and is currently strengthening its Distribution division.

Address: Prakti Design, Spririt Sense, Old Auroville Road, Bommiyarpalayam, 605 104 India

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