"I envision a future where more of us will call ourselves artists and work together to make an art concerned with the primary issues of life. I envision a future where art is once again honored for its power to inspire, teach, transform and heal." - Anna Halprin

MAM: ‘I AM’ is what it means in Sanskrit. We are an open source network of voluntary independent filmmakers who use media, the arts and technology to inform, inspire and empower others to create positive action in the world.We believe inner transformation leads to outer change and to express it through stories we have been doing following experiments:
  • Moved by love: Every life has a story, we are collecting and sharing stories of every day heroes or Soul Entrepreneurs as we call themwho are doing small acts of random kindness. You can get involved by either sending us a story or participate in one of the projects.
  • 'I Am The Change Film Project': Inviting filmmakers to volunteer and make a film on a local hero in just 101 hours. (Note: This project is now a contnuing process and not just a yearly event. Fresh batches open every month).
  • 'Seva Journals': Production wing of MAM where we make short professional films on social causes. These films are all open sourced. We invite amateur as well as professional filmmakers to submit their scripts.
  • Lok Darshan: Through 'She Creates Film Project' in Mumbai where 15 year old girls became filmmakers to teaching elders in the biggest slums of Ahmedabad, community based video unit has been a powerful experience for us in supporting local voices. Currently Our team and volunteers organize film screenings in public spaces and create awareness on various social causes
MAM was inspired by one simple question, which someone asked us "Are you following your truth ?", Four years since it began, we are still learning, evolving and growing in this experiment. (Read more) Our major inspiration for work comes from Charity Focus and Manav Sadhna, and we will be forever grateful to ICICI Foundation for giving us an initial start. 
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