Charity Focus: Imagine a virtual organization, entirely run by volunteers and soliciting no money, which leverages technology to provide people with opportunities to serve. (know more) Manav Sadhna: is an NGO based at Gandhi Ashram in Ahmedabad. Inspired by the Gandhian principles of truth, non-violence, uplifting the poor and oppressed, promoting health and sanitation, and to educate the poor masses, Manav Sadhna has begun a movement to adapt these ideals to the current and complex issues facing not only India, but the world. Manav Sadhna wishes to plant the seeds of hope and inspiration among all people, especially those children who have been neglected by society. The Urban Ashram Project: is an experiment with the universal consciousness. It is a community of global pilgrims, wandering teachers and artists engaged in the creative act of producing a universe or greater possibilities. (know more)
Megha Bhaduri
Megha is currently volunteering with MAM Movies for the Summer. She is a second year design student , specializing in Digital Video Production at Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology in Bangalore. She enjoys creating videos, exploring google maps, reading on history, geography and diaspora issues. Her interest is in understanding how something is done and her work centers around random themes about which she feels strongly.
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