Inspiring Workshop at Sristi


Last Friday, we went down to Sristi, an initiative by Prof. Anil Gupta of IIM Ahmedabad, which aids social change, innovation and research at a grass root level.

A lot of the people here come from very prestigious institutes, IITs, IIMs, the likes and spend their time here either interning or working on changing and empowering the basic infrastructure of the country . It really is commendable, the work they do, because very few tech-smart and incredibly knowledgeable people spend their time and brains aiding people who really need it to bring them up in their society and change their surroundings.

The response was that of 12 young innovators who came into the room where we were conducting the workshop, sitting inquisitively while we churned out the routine. These guys had a better than basic idea of filmmaking and were mainly there to be motivated to make a difference and narrate stories of everyday heroes and inspiring random acts of kindness around them in the society they are working so hard to promote.

Once we were done with the basic introduction and had gone through the process of scripting and pre-production, something these enthusiasts seemed to pick up really fast and transcribe their feelings into words copious in knowledge, we took them out for the production exercise.

We asked them to find someone, anyone who they could talk to and interview with their camera and generally gave them the time span of 40 minutes to get comfortable with the camera.


In the middle of this exercise, Rahul suddenly calls out really excited and asks everyone to come out. We don’t know what is happening and we step out I see him standing with the camera on its tripod opposite one of the workshop participants who is standing heroically next to a red and black BSA cycle.

I ask him what the matter is, he says that this young lad has traveled 9000 kilometres on cycle, maybe much much more around the country because he believes that in his own little way he is reducing the emission of harmful gases into the atmosphere everyday. It was incredible how we had an everyday hero in the workshop group and would therefore be a source of constant inspiration for the people around him at that very moment.


So we decided to shoot a short film on him while the other participants stood watching in fascination. Our young cyclist, Himanshu spoke of his experiences while traveling, how he found himself in a naxal area and they way he was treated, many such stories.

That was probably the greatest highlight of the day.

To be honest, many of our participants were nowhere to be found at production and post production and had found their way out after pre-production but it did not matter because the ones who really cared and were passionate about sparing 3-4 hours of their day to make a difference in making a film that could change someone’s life and your or my perspective of life forever, were there right till the end and we really hope to see them in the competition.

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