Smile it forward :)

Few days back we were tagged with a big basket of best quality sweets, at least 5 kgs of it. Everyone knows I love sweets and they bring a big smile on my face but co-incidentally this last week I am on a Ayurvedic diet and which means I cannot eat any sweets for at least 2 weeks. It was interesting to observe my own emotions and cravings in this situation. What do you do when you are suddenly showered with abundance, I realized you have to flow it forward. A few of us together packed those sweets in small packets and tagged several others on a wednesday evening meditation. As I was packing them one sweet at a time all my initial craving for them slowly seemed to melt away, knowing they will bring a smile on someone’s face. This was the first time I had my sweets without tasting it and it’s flavor, I will remember all my life :)

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  1. Bela says:

    I too love sweets….I should (and will) try this experiment next….yet another ripple you created:)

  2. viral says:

    wow! great reflection madhu :-)

  3. sheetal says:

    what a powerful way to transform your cravings/ attachments into small gifts of joy for someone else…

  4. Smile.Yoga says:

    Thank you MnM :-) — this is yummy!!! on all senses :-)

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