Joy of Giving

Krupali Shares:
We go to this Narayan temple every thursday, its a one hour drive from the Urban ashram. After visiting the temple and praying we usually go to this small place for breakfast. After we are done we distribute some food among the pilgrims outside the temple and the small kids who sell flowers and the pooja thali. Since a few thursdays we also try to make the pilgrims sit along with us for tea and breakfast. Its a very nice feeling sitting with them and talking to them, listening to their stories.
This Thursday we thought of doing something different. So we collected a few sarees and sweaters to distribute among the old ladies who sit outside the temple since its getting really cold. They were so happy receiving it. They kept their hands on our head and blessed us. They were just so happy. Now everytime we go, before we can ask them they ask us how we are and all, if we miss a thursday, the next time they meet they ask why we didn’t come the last time. A very special bond has been formed.
The joy of giving is wonderful.

Joy of Giving week is being celebrated all over India (oct 2nd- Oct 9th) for more stories and inspiration pls visit :


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