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Christopher Lowman, who is volunteering in leper community in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, shares this beautiful kindness moment:
Guru has been laying on his back for his entire life, 11 years now. From Day 1 (ie. six months back), I knew that laying on the floor all day was no good physically/psychologically and that something had to be worked out. Today was that day. After a long wait, Blind People Association hospital finished work on Guru’s custom chair. Bikhabhai did the honor of delivering of it, as the family could not fit the chair into a rickshaw. Being able to sit upright all day will now improve his labored breathing (imagine the weight of gravity on your chest like that for such a period of time) but it’s also a position of strength, which will have psychological benefits. There’s also a table that attaches to the chair so you can play with toys with him and such. And look at the photo of his first day in the chair! Says it all. :)


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