Tyag Nu Tiffin

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At the start of 2011, Raghu gave birth to one of his dreams. When he lived out on the streets, he often felt a strong sense of compassion for those who had absolutely no one to tend after them. Bit by bit, his circumstances changed and now, with a group of five others — including a blind girl! — they have decided to make small sacrifices in their lives to deliver small tiffins of hand-cooked food for the neglected people on the streets.

Raghu’s previous project was Tulsi With Love, where he delivered Tulsi plants to families with conflicts. As the families took care of the holy basil plant, they practice empathy and in a small way, their lives changed for the better. To date, Raghu has delivered more than 500 such plants. Read More

Contact Raghu: Phone- 08141718881 , Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India


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