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We first met Bhavna Didi when we came to Ahmedabad. She is someone you will like instantly. Like an elder sister she is filled with love and compassion. However what was more remarkable was that she has been working with special children throughout her life. So absorbed and fulfilling her life was that she didn’t even wanted to marry as she was afraid that it might not be able to work once she has her own children.  She then founded Utthan, an Ahmedabad based NGO, which works to support mentally challenged children through skill training, general knowledge, income generation, emotional support, love and guidance. Dedicated to their mission for more than 25 years, Utthan has been spreading smiles through their beautiful work.

Above is a beautiful film made by Chetan Thakker and his team as part of I am the change film project 2010.

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  1. i have special girl child aging 15 years & wants her admission in Utthan. pl. send us details like contact no, person address for the same.


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