What can I give ?

It all started with just one simple thought…”What can I give ?” Swara Pandya asked her self. Joy of giving week was being celebrated all over India and Swara found it as a great opportunity to do something.

She together with her friends Diana, Meghna and Nishchal, inspired their office colleagues in ‘Education Initiatives’ to donate clothes, books and misc items for the underprivileged in slums. They were very thoughtful of not just discarding their clothes  but to get them washed and ironed. Within a week around 14 friends collected bags full of clothes and gave us to distribute them further. Swara and Meghna came to drop the bags and minutes later Nischal, one of Sawara’s friend came in his bike to especially drop off one shirt he had left behind. ‘Every bit counts’ he said.

Later the clothes were taken by Raghu bhai in his tricycle to be distributed in various homes. Raghu has a very unique way

of sharing these clothes. He would not just give them away but also interact with the families and give them with lot of love and respect. Lot of other clothes were taken by several community leaders of Manav Sadhna in Gandhi Ahram (Jyotsna, Kastur bhai, Neelam, Kaushik bhai, Ramila ben, Sharda ben)  who further shared them with poorest famlies in slum. Inspired by Goonj, we are trying to create a soul entrepreneur in the local community who can use donated clothes and create sustainable social livlihood project.

And this all started with just one beautiful thought ‘ what can I give’?

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  1. One beautiful thought… “What can I give?”

    Keep only one thing in mind “Just don’t let people feel they are poor”

    Bravo: Swara, Diana, Meghna, Nishchal, Raghu bhai, Jyotsna, Kastur bhai, Neelam, Kaushik bhai, Ramila ben, Sharda ben and other friends :)

  2. Nilkanth says:

    One noble vichar”What i can give?”.

    Every body like to donate money but to think that their bit is really reaching out to right person is very imp.

    “Do not wait to strike till the iron is hot; but make it hot by striking”

    “The secret to success is to start from scratch and keep on scratching.”

  3. krishnaroopa says:

    I felt humble, looking at your projects. What am I doing.. how selfish I am? Thank God. I will do something today and continue to do..

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