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‘How about a game of cards?’ I asked a group of journalism students inside  a classroom in MS university, Baroda (Gujarat).

And then I actually took out a playing deck and said “The good part is no body looses in this game”. It would have been very inappropriate if it was a regular cards, but it wasn’t. Smile Deck as it is lovingly called is collection of unique small acts of kindness actions. Evolved from the smile card idea, smile deck took shape around a kitchen table, where we few friends thought : “Wouldn’t it be cool if we had a deck of cards, each with its own unique idea?”  “Yeah, then small groups could come together and everyone could just pick a card and step up the kindness.”  “Or people could pick up a new card everyday and keep their generosity muscles in shape.”

Today hundreds of smile decks have been shared all over the world as a gift. So in our own small experiment, we all picked a smile deck card and promised ourselves to do small acts of kindness. During the break, we saw several students immediately spreading smiles. Somebody was giving hugs to strangers, somebody was tagging the canteen owner with a soft drink, some one else shared this idea with another group of students, who were playing truth and dare but then they saw this they also started spreading smiles.  I too got tagged with a medicine for my back ache that afternoon. Smile was truly in the air.

On my way back to Ahmedabad, I couldn’t help but feel so blessed to be sharing this wonderful stories and realized how little and simple things it takes to be truly happy.

Here’s few stories and first hand experiences, more to be added soon:

* Kalpesh shares: My Smile Card act was done within no time after I read it. It goes like this, Towards the end of the session, Jigi ma’am flashed a few smile cards towards me. I picked one of them and kept it on the ground without reading it. When one of the two junior girls sitting next to me, asked me what was written on my smile card. I smiled and gave the card to her saying I hadn’t read it yet and that she could read it for me. They both read out, “Hug the first 5 people you see”.  Just then, our session was ended.  We all got up and I hugged Pratik and Badri but both the girls did not seem comfortable with the idea of being hugged by me. So I asked one of them to hug the other girl on my behalf and hand over the smile card to her. Then I moved on to Madhu for ‘jaadu ki Jhappi’!

* Ashiwini Shares: I had ‘post save water tips near a water place somewhere’ on my smile card. So today when I went to my old apartment, downstairs they have a motor system that’s been leaking since forever! Today also it was leaking and though it provided a respite to some dogs from the heat, it was waste of water nonetheless. There was no paper pen around but thr was a black board and some whitewashing remnants lying nearby. They came handy as i wrote my note thr. The best part was one of the apartment’s oldest grandpas saw me doing it and he asked me abt it. I told him all abt it including the smile card concept and gave him the smile card. He said he’d definitely pass it on to others. :)

* Kunal Shares: My card said ‘Be kind to an animal today’. Two days back,randomly from nowhere two small cats came and sat comfortably inside our office. May it was heat outside which got them here, however normally I would have chased them out but somehow I had them sit there and I felt very good about it :)

* Madhu Shares: I too got the opportunity to do my RAK yesterday. My task was to write 5 inspiring notes and leave it in a cafe for a stranger to find. Yesterday after dinner in a restaurant, I couldn’t find an appropriate place to put the notes so I wrote them on tissue papers and put them back on the paper holder on the table. My mind said “Do you really think somebody would see this ?, may be one in 10″ but then my heart said “you are just planting seeds, don’t worry about who sees it, it will have a life of it’s own”.

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  1. Nilam Chauhan says:

    I love the idea!!!Where can u buy SMILE cards?

  2. VEry touchy sharing Madhu…
    I love the game.. As I am in Baroda only, I would love to join the game sometime.. :)

    I was feeeling like I am there while you people playing the game.. Impressive stories Madhu.. Keep posting…

  3. Neil says:

    Madhusudan! Wonderful stories, thanks for sharing. I am so proud of you in spreading smiles to so many. Keep it up brother, and never forget the S&S team :)

  4. Riddhi says:

    Thanks For Sharing, Madhu !
    It is very inspiring :)

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