Had-Anhad(bounded boundless)

After an odyssey from experiencing the world around us, this Sunday we would like to take you on a journey into the mind of one of India’s most revered 15th century mystic poet.

Religion in our country is like multi-colored flowers in a garden. Seers and saints in our country drank the nectar of these different flowers and were benefited from

the scent. Few like kabir have expressed or shared it in the form of beautiful poetry. The words of the poet are even more meaningful in today’s world.
So this Sunday join us for………

Had-Anhad (Bounded-Boundless)
Journeys with Ram and Kabir

Kabir was a 15th century mystic poet of north India who defied the boundaries between Hindu and Muslim. He had a Muslim name and upbringing, but his poetry repeatedly invokes the widely revered Hindu name for God – Ram. Who is Kabir’s Ram? This film journeys through song and poem into the politics of religion, and finds a myriad answers on both sides of the hostile border between India and Pakistan. (102 min)

For those who are still in double minds:
* 1st Prize (shared), One Billion Eyes Documentary Film Festival, August 2008, Chennai
* Mahindra Indo-American Arts Council Film Festival, Nov 5-9, New York, USA
* World Performing Arts Festival, Nov, 2008, Lahore, Pakistan
* Bangalore International Film Festival, Jan, 2009, Bangalore, India
* Kala Ghoda Festival, Feb, 2009, Mumbai
* Inaugural film, VIBGYOR International Film Festival, Feb, 2009, Thrissur, Kerala, India

Telecast twice on NDTV-24/7



Time: 3pm to 9pm


Shoppers Plaza, 4th floor,

Opposite municipal market

C.G Road

Ahmedabad, Gujarat

380 009

Contact: 9537160173

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