The camera saved their lives (Article featured in DNA)


For these young women, a life behind a camera changed their view on the world in front of it

There was a life before they went behind the camera. And now there’s quite a life after it. Neha, Jyotsna, Sree, Trisha, Nita, Rima, Ayesha and Shabnam, have felt that change.
Some of these girls are helping people like Raziya, 33, and Atmadevi, 27, from Dharavi understand the power of the camera and the strength of collective action.

Recently, when people of Muslimnagar in Dharavi took out a demonstration against an official in the civil supplies department, who wouldn’t issue them ration cards without a bribe, the camera became their weapon. The official had been brushing them off for months, but when he saw Ayesha, Shabnam, Raziya, and Atmadevi filming the demonstration on a handycam, he blinked. Within three months, every one of the protestors got their ration card. Click here to read the complete article.

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