Pursuit of Goodness ( Story of MAM now published in a book)

book23rd September 2007 we were invited to share our adventures with IIM Ahmedabad students as part of their social entrepreneurship fair. On that day I witnessed the quote by Aristotle which said: “Where your talent and the needs of the world cross, there lies your vocation”.

For the first time I saw extremely talented students of one of the premiere institutes of India being so impassioned about bringing the change in the world. The fair which was inspired by Prof Anil Gupta (Our all time mentor) and led by Vijayendra Haryal, bought some unique individuals from all over India who in their own small way contributed to the society.
The gathering was so inspiring that it made few students restless to do more than what they have been doing and helped them to take the plunge they have been waiting for. One such story is of Vijayendra, who immediately started working on a website to bring together volunteers, non-profits and corporate. Check out and please participate in www.volstreet.com He even resolved to write a book on several young social entrepreneurs and share it with the world. He called it ‘Pursuit of Goodness”. So honest and pure was his own effort that he decided to open source the book with the spirit of gift economy. We are delighted as well humbled to know that story of MAM is included in it. Delighted because now we can infect more people to be little crazy and convince them to take the road less traveled and humbled because knowing there are so many more invisible heroes before us who have dedicated their lives for service.

Hope to continue our pursuit of happiness through service.

Madhusudan : )

p.s you can buy a hard copy of the book from pothi.com. A soft copy can be downloaded from here. Thanks to Vijayendra for  open sourcing: Pursuit_of_goodness_book


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  1. Sukruta Kulkarni says:

    Good morning Madhu..

    COngrats on another feather put in your cap. Hope you receive many more feathers such and continue bringing out the hidden entrepreneur in every individual. !! :-)

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