Chain Reaction Effect


One of our mentors, Dr. Nachiket Mor sends us an email one day with a short note “ you should participate in this”, I glanced through and saw it was a young screen entrepreneur competition held by British council. They were inviting youth participants, who were making significant impact in the Indian film industry and could work together with the UK film industry. I didn’t feel too keen at first. Knowing that I had left the path of fiction films for quite some time. And through our group we were making efforts to create social films that were miles away from what traditional bollywood did. I knew it was not the right fit, however somehow we filled the form and submitted. Now when I look back I feel I am glad we submitted it because after some rigorous presentation among candidates from all over India I came runner-up. And thus didn’t get selected for the finals being held in the British Film Festival, London. My interviewee said I just had one suggestion for you, I didn’t quite understand if what you are doing is a profit making business, to which I replied yes we are a social business. It’s different :)
Well being a runner up had it’s own advantage. I got to make a trip to London with all costs covered, thanks to the very kind British Council team. I was all ready to take the trip as a complete tourist. Just then, a few days before leaving we heard about the Chain Reaction Conference in London, and it so happened that it was going to be during my visit time. There were over 1000 participants from 16 countries which included social leaders, community activists, business leaders and policy makers (Including British Prime Minister Mr. Gordan Brown) .  Everyone with just one objective, how can we collectively make a positive difference in the world? Now this was a perfect fit, a perfect social business conference. And to top it all we got the gift economy passes for this very expensive get together. Looking back we can’t thank enough to the people for their kindness and the universe for all these odd combinations.
It was indeed a chain reaction effect, one strand connecting to another.

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  1. Sonia says:

    …and madhu,

    we all spring from one ‘nafs’ and the chain reaction effect is all that we realize on our own journeys…making us unite again with our own existence!

    Congratulations! Proud of you!


  2. Ruhie says:

    Great work MAM!!!


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