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Nearly 6 months back, our super enthusiastic Team mate Rahul Chittella suggested to start a picture blog of Mumbai. Idea was simple yet very cumbersome to apply, take a new picture of Mumbai everyday depicting it’s spirit and upload it on the web. His goal was to hold a exhibition by the end of one year. I was little hesitant as I am not a avid blogger and like a swan which waits for it’s prey I wait for inspiration to come (which sometime takes longer than usual due to my laziness :), yet I was fascinated with the idea and hope he would continue doing it. Now  months later , with more than 150 pictures on-line and big article on the front page of DNA ,I can’t help but admire his spirit to go on and following his passion. Hope we all as a team continue to follow our individual dreams and paths and in truly doing that we’ll all finally come together to one path.

In the spirit of being ourselves.

Madhusudan :) 

Ps. click here to see the blog

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  1. rahul says:

    :) – that is all i have to say!:)

  2. Kavita says:


    This is a gr8 idea..I have a lot of pics of Mumbai. Where do i post em?? or upload em?/
    Please let me know the details.

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