Sharing our stories with IIM Kozhikode

‘I feel humbled to stand here’ I murmured, looking at the students of IIM Kozhikode and some guest in their college auditorium. Invited to speak about his team’s work in one of the prestigious institutions of India, was a person who couldn’t even get a admission in a regular college when he was 18. He had to give a bottle of scotch to obtain his college certificate in time. That was me and here I was sharing with these brilliant minds our humble journey of MAM.
It is little too soon I thought getting all this respect, sitting on an air conditioned car sent by the college to receive me. There’s so much more to be done and we have not even scratched the surface. Our work in last two years is just a glimpse of the possibility of change, media can bring if used effectively.
I did feel proud when I spoke about our work and showed films made by the community. I did feel proud because I knew I was just an instrument in this process and not a creator. And I did feel proud knowing I am not the one who did this but the community and the group as a whole who had achieved this.
I wanted to be a filmmaker and came back to India to find my stories and wondered did sometimes I, did I changed my path or lost my track by not actually making films. But in the moment of these you get your answer, that isn’t this all a film? Stories of so many selfless filmmakers who came together to make films for 101 non profits. Stories of incredible young girls who for the first time expressed themselves and that too through a camera.
Don’t just be an entrepreneur I requested them, be a social entrepreneur. Don’t worry about the security, life will find a way to support you. Like Arjuna, ask for Krishna and not the army, ask for Dharma and not the money and you will have the resources of the entire universe to manifest your dreams.
Our stories of hope inspired many, few of them even pledged to start teaching filmmaking in their local community. We even got Tapangshu Das, a IIM first year student who refused to take internship with a multinational so that he could volunteer with us. Proudly again we welcome another black sheep in the team.
In the joy of being a black sheep
Madhusudan :)

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  1. rahul says:

    let me quote one of my favorite lines –

    “tanha raahi apni raah chalta jaayga,
    ab to jo bhi hoga, dekha jaayega…”

  2. Sukruta says:

    Dear Madhusudan,

    Good thought ” Don’t just be an entrepreneur I requested them, be a social entrepreneur” . Today. when I look at my first job with street children, I still feel touched when they still recognise me and call me out as Didi. I feel contented when I look behind and see that I could touch at least some of deprived lives and help them be good human being in life.

  3. sheetal says:

    keep walking, brother, keep walking!

  4. Gary Agid says:

    I’m very proud of what you are doing.

  5. mamcreates says:

    Thankyou Gary Sir, so good to hear from you :) You were my Mel, my inner voice :)

  6. Alok says:

    cheeers !!
    all the very best bhaiya !!

  7. puneet says:

    It feels so nice to see that there are still people like you.Congos to tapangshu as well.. You guys keep rocking!!

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