Film workshop in Ahmedabad

We have always believed in the power of participatory media so when we got a chance to give a film workshop for Ambuja cement foundation staff, we couldn’t miss the opportunity. 20 Community and field managers from all over India gathered in Development community centre in Ahmedabad and we gave them a 2 day crash course on video and photography. Our effort was to show them the power of camera and share with them the technique which they could apply in their respective fields. We hope to hear some beautiful stories from them in the future. This is what Sukruta from Ambuja cement foundation had to say on the workshop :

“I guess the workshop has come at the timely help for everybody. It was really great to have you and Vishal as our resource person. The topics were very relevant to the target group and also explained in a very simple language. Specially the practical and the feedback session on 30th evening were of great help. Also having a very technical and helpful person like Vishal has been beneficial for the workshop. I just hope now that each participants go back and forward the information to other colleagues.  Infact, after this workshop, I have personally been more interested to volunteer for your organization and also be a member for your blog group.

Wish you great success to the entire team for this venture of Mam movies. “

We welcome Sukruta in the team :))

While we were in Ahmedabad, we also had the opportunity to spend 2nd October (Gandhi Jayanti) in Gandhi Ashram and Manav Sadhna. It was so refreshing to go there and meet Jayesh bhai and others that all our problems, ego and doubts melted like a wax and we were charged up to come back do some service.

In the spirit of service today

Madhusudan :)

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  1. Sukruta says:

    Dear Madhusudan,

    It was nice to see you share the workshop information. Had a great time and Thank you for tha warm welcome from MAM team. Looking forward to join in some good projects ahead.

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