Smiles to go :)

Sometimes it even takes courage to smile, this I realized yesterday while doing our very first smile campaign. The campaign was initially started by a bunch of friends from Charity Focus in California and they have some incredible stories to share about the contagious spirit of smiles.

To do our own little bit we decided to experiment it in Mumbai. It started with one of our colleagues Brijesh Matalia, convincing the company he worked for (Godrej) to distribute raincoats to people on streets and poor. The date was 26th July, the day when 3 years back a major flood had devastated Mumbai and took many lives. A bunch of us from MAM, together with a film professor and few friends chose one of the busiest traffic signal ( Juhu ) and stood in the pouring rain with the smile cards. Starting with few awkward moments, we were soon enjoying ourselves. For me it felt a release of my spirit. It was crazy and that made it so much more fun. We distributed raincoats to random people who were getting drenched, but overall just stood and smiled. People in their cars, bus, rickshaws, cycles and carts, waved at us, smiled back, showed thumbs up and even gave chocolates to us :)

So contagious was the spirit, that we were soon joined by a trans gender, few security guards, a sweeper and few locals, who held the smile cards with us.

By the end of the day our jaws were hurting due to excess smiling but the heart felt lighter.

Today in the spirit of lots and lots of smiles :)

Madhusudan :)

( To see some pictures click here )

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  1. guri says:

    This is awesome (and bold) for Mumbai.

    You guys ROCK! :-)


  2. I feel HORRIBLE now having missed it!:(

    Madhu, we HAVE TO do this again PLEASE…!!!!!:)

  3. Zainab Burmawalla says:

    Good job guys. Really nice.

  4. meghna says:

    It was SO liberating!!! :) People honking with appreciation, giving chocolates in the middle of moving traffic, thumbs up signs, people asking us if tis was some kind of a product or an ad campaign. Some asked us what were we doing this for… in return we simply answered “no sir, we’re just spreading some smiles today”. :) Someone shouted, “i’ve smiled 5 times already” our answer “then smile some more and make five more people smile” :) someone actually offered me to stand on his car roof top, so that more people could see it ;) and the best of all.. the smiles in return.. What a LIBERATION!!!! :)

  5. Aham says:

    it was so much fun. sachiii! :-)

    yes, madhu, there was a time when my facial muscles started aching due to the fact that i was smiling nonstop, so i decided to stop smiling and made faces to flex my facial muscles. that time one aunty, opened teh window of her car, looked at me with empathy… called me over.. took the smile card from my hand and flashed the card to me.. and said… “You Smile”. the meena kumari that i am, i had ganga jamuna glowing from my cheeks in a flash of a second…

    arrey… yeh toh khushi ke aansu hai! :-) smile!

  6. Satish Gaikwad says:

    heartwarming ….

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