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Every creative person thrives on anecdotes that they have heard, nurtured, experienced and grown with… be it in cinema, photography, literature, poetry or fine art. These small little happenings shape up one’s mind creating the “perfect picture” moment. Speaking about movies specifically, there are many-a-stories depicting the bridge between personal experiences and the ideal celluloid moment. The “fact” factor of fiction oft makes the movie truly believable. Looking back, aren’t there so many moments that we have experienced and wished that we had a camera then. Or that “I wish I could recreate the same moment on screen again” expressions. To elucidate, let me enlist some of the wonderful real life incidences that were recreated take teh example of how Raj Kapoor recreated his meeting with nargis where she had a bit of dough applied on her head, or his crush on his teacher, that he portrayed so beautifully in Bobby and Mera Naam Joker or Javed Akhtar’s Kiska Hai Tumko Intezaar, Main Hoon Na… a conversation between Annu Malik, Farah Khan and Javed Akhtar that became the title of the movie and also a very popular song; very similar to what happened when Acha Toh Hum Chalte Hai was written for J Om Prakash’s Aan Milo Sajna. Or Anil Kapoor doing complete justice to his uncle Raj Kapoor in the film Eeshwar or Sanjay Leela Bhansaali homage to his ideal Ranbhir alias Raj Kapoor through Ranbir Kapoor in Saawariya.

Similarly we have so many moments that we wish could be captured on camera and be immortalized. I definitely find many… let us through this space, share those special moments that were truly inspiring, those incidences that have the power to transform and infuse positive light in people. Let’s spurt out the thought here, who knows, someone might just read it, get inspired, shoot it, showcase it to the world and your inspiring moment could inspire many. Anyways, does any human have the power to challenge the genesis of a thought?

Come lets unlearn, lets learn…

I shall start with the first comment, request all of you to follow suit.

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An Inspiring Moment :

When I was around 7 years old, I still clearly remember, I used to sit in the window pane of my balcony and observe closely the branch of a tree that protruded into our balcony. I thought trees could speak, and the tree wanted to tell me something. But I couldn’t understand. I used to observe the tree daily. One evening, as I sat on the window pane, I could see no branch. The tree was axed. I could just see a small portion of the bark of the tree. I ran down and reached close to the tree. There was a white liquid on the tree. “The tree is crying”, I told my mom.

Years later, I pursued studies in Botany. Thanks to the latex in the tree that was axed, I am a Science Post Graduate.

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