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MAM Movies ropes in OOH Media as OOH partner for ‘I am the Change’ film project
July 05, 08
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OOH Media has tied up with MAM Movies, a multiplex chain operator, as OOH TV partner for their film-making contest titled ‘I am the Change’. The contest invites filmmakers from all over India to make five-minute films on ‘101 NGOs’ in 101 hours. The contestants would be given any one NGO each based in the four metros of Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai.

OOH Media has added another dimension to this contest by introducing the ‘Flash59’ contest. Like a flash fiction or a flash novel, Flash59 is about cutting a long story short, which is relevant to a medium like OOH TV, where viewing time per viewer is shorter than on television.

Flash59 is about making a very short creative film of less than 59 seconds on a social issue. Only this time, it will be a derived format of the original five-minute film, which the participants would make on the NGO allotted to them by MAM Movies. The participants have been given the freedom to use animation / Flash / video, etc., for the Flash59 contest. The challenge lies in making the film adaptable to the OOH TV medium without diluting the message.

Flash59 would be a sub-contest of the ‘I am the Change’ contest and judged on different parameters. Winning entries would be screened across Ooh Media’s screens in relevant cities and locations.

Speaking on the initiative, Ishan Raina, CEO, OOH Media, said, “We are happy to tie up with MAM Movies, since we too believe we are a ‘media for social change’. That’s where the synergy lies. Like any other media, we too believe in being a part of the community and we are glad to contribute to it.”

The ‘I am the Change’ contest was opened by film veterans Kabir Bedi and Farooque Sheikh at a press meet recently. Between July 3 and 7, the participating filmmakers would have 101 hours to shoot their films. The final films would be premiered on August 1.

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