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Mam Movies announces I am the Change Film Project

Mumbai: Mam Movies has announced its unique filmmaking event called that runs under the name I am the Change Film Project. This event invites 101 filmmakers from across India to make films on 101 NGOs based in four metropolitan cities within a time-span of 101 hours. The shooting event will take place from 3-7 July.

At the start of the event, the NGOs will be randomly allocated to the filmmakers. The following 101 hours will see the filmmakers conceptualizing, shooting and editing a five-minute video which captures the true essence of the working of the NGO.

All the 101 films would be shown as part of a film festival held in Mumbai at the Cinemax Theatres, Versova between the 4-7 August. On 1 August (PLS CHECK DATE) there would be a premier of the final films selected.

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  1. i congrat mam movies to launch such a great and revolutionary movie event.thebest thing about this event is that it invovles ngo’s to bring filmmaking at in a another level in this era of globalisation.i am a ordinary guy with an extraordinary dream.i am a student who think about films 24hours in a day.i write script of of my story”mission renaissance”has been published.when i sent a story to mirchi movies they cancelled the contest.4000 contestants are let down by mirchi.i think some of my countrymens stories really deserves huge response but mirchi let them down.are you next?

  2. i am student of media in new delhi.basically i belong from gaya(bihar).mine family is a middle class father sends me money to make their dream come true.i want to join films.i read books on films,i do theatre,i think as a director during watching films,i am a regular member of movie library,i find films discussions with my friend very interesting.i think i can be a part of film industry but my family dreams seems to be broken because of mirchi decision.i think i should die before breaking parents dreams.are you next one to become a part of this exploitation.mirchi says we lack talent.but what about mirchi movies?

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