Some thought

Life is Good, bad  errr Ugly…

What am I talking about…???

Have you guys looked around lately? like read the news…whats happening around the world…its pretty disheartening…the world is tearing apart people!!! There are people, communities fighting each other…all the time…and they just wont stop!

Lets start from our nation- The J & K issue…the Naxal attacks vs the govt.( case of natives not treated properly, and now they seek revenge) , the north east, and there is always terror lurking on our country…some strange organisation is always looking to attack us…

Lets move south          or        north               or              east…

                   Sri Lanka               Pakistan/Nepal                          Bangladesh

Our neighbours are also fighing internally mostly… Then there is Burma furthur east…Australia, Japan, China, US, Canada are “first world: nations, they can tackle these problems more “efficiently”.

Then comes the States, who is not fighting as such, but it probably facing the flak from the most other part of the world…

Latin America is suffering with neighbours blaming each other…and Cuba trying to  create an alliance against US. Europe is suffering from massive immigration from asia/africa, they feel threatened, 

Africa was once tamed by the Europe, but never taught to stand on their own. Algeria bomb blasts, Sudan humantarian crisis, Kenyan election violence, Zimbabwe and its political crisis.

Middle East- Palestine and Isreal have been fighting for decades now..Iran and Iraq have fought…now Iraq suffers from western world…Syria and Lebanon are facing trouble too…Egypt is involved too…Afganistan and Taliban…no explanations needed…

And these are just the crisis where the governtments are involved…what about the ones which carry on every day, which do not get reported. What about all those people who starve everyday in some refugee camp in Syria, Gaza or Darfur.

This post is negative, and I apologise if I hurt anybody’s sentiment.The post does not have any speck of hope. But sometimes disillusionment can lead to that saturation point, and from there one can act or one can simply sit back and relax. ALL OF US need to think about this.

We just TALK, READ and WRITE.

But can we DO something?? Maybe we all want to just live our fullest, earn good money and spend it on  better things…Maybe ..Maybe not…Maybe this post is pointless, only a flash of my social responsibility..maybe not..Maybe our saturation point hasn’t arrived yet, just wish it doesn’t arrive too late.

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  1. Kavita says:


    I think it’s a wonderful post. A little bit of negativity is essential to realize the positive things that v can do in this world by bringing about change.

    For awareness, negativity is fine.

    But i agree, our saturation point hasn’t arrived yet. Even if it does, how many of us will face up to it and not run ??

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