The Phenomenon called "MEDIA"

Media for social change…

This is our motto…It is a hard job…more complicated that it appears…

For many of us…picking up a newspaper, watching a news channel may just be a timpass, but ask the people in it. Media is known for the most infamous things — politics, strange working hours, demanding, deadlines etc.

But is media losing its credibility?A certain gentleman called Noam Chomsky talked about the dichotomy of the media. In other words, how the media is suppose to perform a social function, BUT, there is always a big but, this feature gets over ridden by the fact that media is ultimately a commercial enterprise. It needs to make profits, earn money so that it can continue to run this business. It cannot run in loss, at the expense of delivering the truth. In Media-truth, morals, ethics can stand on the opposite side of profit, selling and capital.

You may be wondering. why is this lunatic person writing blogging about Noam Chomsky and what the heck he said. I did not know about Mr. Chomsky for the first 21 years and 5 months of my life, then I had this amazing subject called ” Journalism and Public Opinion”. From that semester onwards, I look at everything from a different perspective. Just do not believe in everything as written/shown/ heard.

And why is all this important? Well, it is high time we realise that primary media ( newspapers, television, radio, films) is gaining more and more popularity. It is LOUD, INFLUENTIAL, HUGE AND GROUNDBREAKING All these virtues are amazing, but only if used in the right way. Our nation is suffering with internal problems. If the first war of independence in 1857 ( earlier known as a mere sepoy mutiny, thanks to the colonial hangover) was a revolution. Then today we have a tougher task ahead. We need to pick the parasites out who thrive on our cultural, social, economic, political system. Killing the malady among us is far more difficult than driving a colonial power away.

All Media, all of it, needs to get a social perspective. It is happening, slowly and hopefully steadily. In recent past, causes have been highlighted, people have gotten justice. But it still lacks that one common social interest.

The media’s social responsibility is too scattered and lacks unity. Corporates and MNCs will always try and buy us. Thats their job. Media has one too.It has a dual role. To run the enterprise and be social responsible.

The former always meets its demands. But what about the latter?

Hopefully some day we would not need a motto ” Media for social change” just for organisations like MAM. Some day all media will take up this role deligently.

And that ‘s the day our media will actually be a positive, people’s media.


  1. mamcreates says:

    Brilliant writeup ruhie !!! A whole new perspective.
    Would love to learn more about Mr. Chomsky-
    Madhusudan :)

  2. ruh says:

    Hey Madhusudan…
    Thanks a lot!

  3. meghnam says:


    FANTASTIC!!! lots of ideas came up after reading your blog.. can’t wait to implement them :)

    m :)

  4. kumar a.k.a dominic says:

    hi happened to read ur blog pretty late. but i think its nice one. especially since i love chomsky.. not read any of his books. Just a prelude always to what he has to say.. but then he is one of the best guys who also puts across how US sucks at what he does.. i am not sure how many have read it or rather also agree with it.. but u must read it.. and akash would second he motion.. it would nice to make a documentary to show some of his writings

  5. kumar a.k.a dominic says:

    ok the this statement how US sucks at what he does

    reads like this

    how US sucks at what they do.. sorry for that

  6. Kavita says:

    hi there,

    This is for the Media article posted by Madhu. A very nice article..It makes a person think.

    But in the end,let’s face it – It’s all about the money. People are going to be profit-oriented anyway. Atleast for now, this is the scenario here.

    A very big change can come in, if Corporates take responsibility for the society and the environment. They have all the moolah anyway…

    Media for social change has a long way to go…It’s only the beginning !!

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