Meghna Agrawal (C0-founder):

Designer, Cinematographer, Artist and a Mother,  Meghna expresses less with words and more with her art. After graduating from Academy of Art University in San Francisco she moved back to India to start MAM Movies with her husband Madhusudan.



Madhusudan Agrawal (C0-founder):

“Jump and the net would appear”, he always believed. Left India to find his passion and became a filmmaker in US, and then left US to find his stories and became a wanderer in India. With a gifted camera and free spirit, life took him from one ashram to another, from one teacher to another till finally one of them said ” go find your truth”….in an effort of doing story at a time.



Sandeep Brahmbhatt ( MAM Fellow 2012) :

A filmmaker by soul, so called cook, bathroom guitarist, studied animation and likes to see the world around in 3D. On the journey to discover the thing called Life. He has Joined MAM for a One year fellowship program to co-ordinate ‘ I am the change film project’.



Current Board members

Anar Patel:

Founder & Managing Trustee of Gramshree, an NGO giving income generation to more than 2000 underprivileged women in Ahmedabad. Her passion is to revive the lost crafts of Gujarat and create sustainable markets for the same, ensuring holistic growth of women and artists involved.


Akshay Agrawal :

An Entrepreneur by profession, he has silently been a guiding inspiration and support for MAM since it’s inception.



Chandni Parekh:

As a social psychologist, she conducts workshops on sexuality education and sexual abuse in schools and colleges, and consults with Samhita Social Ventures. Aside from helping a number of NGOs, she runs Fund-A-Cause, an online initiative that spreads the word about individuals and organisations in India that are seeking and offering money. She is also a founder-member of Vikalp@Prithvi, which organises free monthly documentary screenings on social issues in Bombay. More

Jignasha Pandya:

Jignasha is a post graduate in Communication Studies. She has worked for nine years designing learning spaces for young adults and children so that they can learn in freedom as they discover and develop their true potential. Jignasha consults with many non-profits, conducts workshops for colleges, enterprises and non-profits. She is also a fellow at Venture Studio where she is working on various entrepreneurial possibilities in the area of Urban Agriculture and Food Security.

Sheetal Sanghvi

Someone beautifully said “What the world really need today is people who have really come alive and search within”, Sheetal Sanghvi is such a seeker, a soul brother, wanderer, poet, philosopher… and he also happens to be the founder of The Urban Ashram, a space dedicated to people all over the Universe who wish to “come alive”. (More)


Siddharth Sthalekar:

“A graduate from IIM Ahmedabad Siddharth has worked for more than 5 years in the Indian stock markets heading derivatives and algorithmic trading desks. Since early 2011, he has been volunteering in the Eco-system at Gandhi Ashram with his wife, learning from small acts of compassionate service.  He trusts that service with pure intentions hold the key to broadening our horizons and looking at the world with a deeper, and clearer perspective. (More)”



Jayesh Bhai:

‘Be a Ladder, not a Leader’ is what you will often hear Jayesh bhai say. He trusts that when we shift from implementation to facilitation, we can bring about sustainable change in communities. As co-founder of organizations such as Manav Sadhna, Gramshree, Director of the Environmental Sanitation Institute, President of the Gandhiji founded Gujarat Harijan Sevak Sangh and Trustee of the Sabarmati Ashram, his service has been extended to countless people.. (More)


Nipun Mehta :

‘Believe in small act of kindness’ Nipun would often say. A source of inspiration for many, Nipun started CharityFocus (Now Service, a fully volunteer driven organization in 1999 to inspire the young IT professionals to provide free web based solutions for nonprofit organizations worldwide. Having served thousands of nonprofits, without any overhead, Service Space has now become an incubator of “gift economy” projects ranging from web services to a print magazine to a restaurant. (More)


Kartikeya Talreja:

Director of Digital Academy – The Film School and GEMINI Motion Studios. A musician by heart and a filmmaker in spirit, Kartikeya is an alumnus of New York University. His enthusiasn to produce world class independent filmmakers resulted in setting up and running of Digital Academy, which is now one of India’s leading film schools. His avid love for music has seen him learn the Pakhawaj, a unique drum that produces pure resonance.


Pawan Mehra:

An IIM Ahmedabad graduate, who left the corporate race to make a difference, Pawan has always been a compassionate seeker to dedicate his talent for social change. A serial entrepreneur and a change-agent currently focusing on the issue of scalable sustainability and low-carbon growth as it relates to emerging economies.He has been involved in building and scaling early-stage ventures, first as a venture capital investor in his early career with GVFL and McKenna Capital and, since then, as an entrepreneur with Parsec Interact, Intellecap, and now cKinetics(More)