Anjali Desai

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012
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Some of you may have known her through her incredible stories in service, having been a volunteer at the Gandhi Ashram for the last 8 years, leaving behind her home in the United States. Over the years, she has been part of small acts of kindness as well as facilitated large projects for various spaces like Manav Sadhna, Safai Vidyalaya, Seva Cafe and Gramshree. But most know her as a perennial pillar of service, radiating joy through her dedication to her communities.
She recently took time off from her two projects — the Patangyu School and the India guide to undertake the walk in Europe. She now shares her insights and how she hopes to incorporate them into her life.

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  1. nisha says:

    hearty stuff..our 6 year old loved watching it and sat still the whole time.

  2. Rekha Garg says:

    I got a chance to visit Anjali’s school and thought it was a beautiful space with a lot of effortless happiness surrounding it.
    I cannot agree enough with Anjali, how everybody’s journey is their own. You could be surrounded by peaple, yet feel lonely because of an inner lack of sense of direction. One thing is clear to me after visiting Manav Sadhna that the path of service is a great cleanser of heart and soul and a guiding force towards discovering your God! I recently heard somewhere if you want to invite a guest over, wouldn’t you clean and adorn you house, same way to invite God in your mind, you have to clear it of all past and present negative emotions and pre-conceived notions. What better way to do that than do simple acts of giving in your everyday life.

  3. Mehul Shah says:

    Wandered onto this talk, and enjoyed it. There is actually a movie starring Martin Sheen about this.

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