MadhusudanMadhusudan is a pilgrim soul and filmmaker on a quest to find his true identity through stories that explore the heart of an eternal question: Who Am I?  Currently a volunteer at Moved By Love, a community space that hopes to foster values such as trust, inter-connection and transformation, he envisions Story Listeners Project as a collective expression of Oneness seen through the lens of human diversity.More


Chetan is a visual effects and animation artist with a flair for editing and website building. His passion lies in using his diverse expertise in media towards mentoring fellow artists, supporting social initiatives, causes and raising the quality of visual expression in the non-profit sector. His impeccable visual sense lends beauty and depth to each story he curates.


Deepa is a wordsmith who aspires to write from a deep connection to her intrinsic values that reveal themselves through her narratives. Sometimes she accidentally discovers herself in and through her words, making writing a sacred journey into self-discovery. She is a soul reader whose passion lies in helping people connect more deeply and listen intuitively to their soul’s path.


Meghna is a designer, cinematographer and mother to a beautiful four year old daughter, Reva. Her passion involves exploring wisdom through the arts, crafts and design.  What brings her alive is hosting Wednesday meditations at her home, where once a week, strangers are welcomed to share in a collective space of silence followed by a circle of reflection and silent dinner prepared with love in her kitchen.

Board Members

  • Akshay Agrawal
  • Kishan Gopal Laddha
  • Diken Patel
  • Deepa Iyer
  • Sheetal Sanghvi
  • Shashi Shekhar